Class Types

Check out the classes we have on offer and choose one class that works for you.  If you're new to Stretch Wellness we recommend  you come to a Pilates Intro session so we can get to know each other.  Whilst it’s not compulsory we do think you’ll get the most out of your classes if you book in for an individual session.  All Group classes appear on the Schedule - bookings for all other sessions can be arranged directly with the studio and are available outside of the regular timetable including weekends.  Email Trish via the CONNECT button in the menu above to schedule a private class or click on the Book Now to go directly to our booking system for regular group classes.


Pilates Intro


As the name suggests this is your introduction to Stretch Wellness Pilates.  We’ll learn about any injuries, issues or weaknesses you may have, and we’ll provide modifications for you so that you get the most out of each class.    We’ll cover off the fundamentals of Pilates and set you up for success as you enter your first group class. 

Available to new clients as a single session.  If you need more one on one time you'll be able to move to a Private Class


Private Classes - Single


A session for one participant where you’ll get the undivided attention of the instructor.  We’ll spend the session working towards your personal goals – the session is structured to suit your individual needs.  It will be all about you.  If you have an injury or pre-existing condition, we can work with your physio or practitioner so that you achieve the best out of your sessions.  You don’t need an injury to take a private though, it will also suit you if you are looking for total ‘me time’.




Similar to a Single, but with a friend or your significant other.  Your session will be individualised as though it’s a private, but you’ll be sharing the studio (and the instructor) with one other.  Two clients needs to book together for a Duet to go ahead.  Times can be scheduled directly with the studio


Pregnancy (Pre & Post Natal)

Pilates is a fabulous way for a woman to maintain strength, increase mobility and decrease stress and anxiety during pregnancy.  Our Pregnancy classes are designed to provide a safe, slow and controlled environment. We'll provide changes and modifications depending on your trimester and specific needs.   As long as your heath professional doesn't have any concerns we encourage your to keep your body moving during pregnancy- after all being pregnant isn't an impediment!  We'll focus on breathing and relaxation as well as strengthening the muscles you'll be relying on once the baby arrives.   Most of our classes will be carried out on the reformer however we will also use the exo chair, fit ball and other equipment to enhance your experience and keep things interesting.  Once the baby is born and you have clearance from the doctor (usually 4-6 weeks) you can re-join the class and pick up where you left off.  We'll be able to re-introduce some additional repertoire to your specific post natal body and get your ready to return to regular classes.  



Mat - (Not Currently Running)

Mat classes require you to use your body weight as resistance and are carried out on a cushioned mat.  We also introduce small apparatus such as foam rollers, weighted balls, magic circles and thera bands to enhance your experience.  Mat classes can be taken on their own or in addition to Reformer classes.  

For Reservations :


Group Reformer

Our Group Reformer classes provide a class setting in an intimate environment.  With a maximum of six participants per class,  we can provide attention to detail so that you get the most out of your class.   If you are still finding your way around the reformer and the repertoire, we’ll provide modifications to maximize your experience.    Whilst it is a group class, it’s not one size fits all and we’ll modify the class to suit your personal needs ensuring you get the most out each session.  If you do have any specific issues or are unsure about entering a group setting we encourage you to take a Pilates Intro  so that we understand your needs and we'll set you up for success. 

Since our studio is small we can cater for the individual needs of each client and provide modifications to match your strength and experience.


Reformer Fundamentals

A group reformer class that is ideal for those new to Pilates or for those returning after an extended break. This class runs at a slower pace than our Reformer class and covers off the fundamentals of Pilates enabling you to become familiar and comfortable with the equipment, cues and repertoire. You might also like to take this class if your body is not feeling up to a faster paced class or you want a refresher of the fundamentals. For clients new to the Reformer this is an ideal way to be introduced to the group environment. Depending on where your body is at you might choose to continue to take Fundamental classes indefinitely. Listen to your body!