I’ve never done Pilates before. How should I start?

If you are brand new to Pilates our Intro to Reformer pack is a great way to kick off your Pilates journey. The pack includes 1 x 45 Minute intro private session - this is where I’ll learn about your body and capabilities and you’ll learn about out approach. You’ll also gain a good understanding of how a typical class runs. You’ll get to practice so that when you enter your first class you’ll hit the ground running. Included in this pack is also 5 Group Reformer classes. We recommend that you attend the Reformer Fundamentals class initially and build on what you’ve learned in your Intro Private session.

If you’ve done Pilates in the past and feel ready to launch into a Group class we do recommend that you take a Fundamentals Reformer class first so that you become familiar with the structure of our classes and style of teaching.


Are all Pilates studios the same?

The short answer is no. Some studios describe their classes as a high intensity work out on Reformers - you won’t find this approach at Stretch Wellness. Our classes are a slower pace with a purposeful focus on technique and form. Slower does not mean easier and in some respects if you hurry through the moves you won’t be achieve one of the fundamental principals of Pilates - “Control”


I am unfit. Am I able to attend a class?

One of the great things about Pilates is that is available to a diverse range of fitness levels, body types, ages and body conditions. We have clients at all levels of fitness and a wide range of conditions. Because we offer small group class your instructor is able to get to know every body quite quickly and easily adapt a move to suit the individual. Even if you have injuries we can usually provide a modification so that you can continue to participate in a group class.


I am being treated by a physio or other specialist. am I able to ATTEND THE STUDIO?

If you are recovering from an injury we can work alongside your specialist to make sure your Pilates practice assists with your recovery. Depending on your particular injury or issue it may be beneficial to commence with Private session until your strong enough to enter the group environment.


How do I book my class?

First you’ll need to set up an account. Go to the BOOK NOW button at the top of the screen and click on the SIGN UP button on the right hand side. Once you’ve entered your details you’ll receive a Welcome email. To book into your first session you’ll need to purchase a pack up front. You can then go back to the Schedule and book into your preferred classes. Remember that some classes fill up quickly so if you are committed to attending the same class each week you can book them in advance to secure your Reformer.



The short answer is ‘no’. As a boutique studio we have limited space and our Reformers are reserved for paying clients. You are welcome to purchase a single class however you’ll need to create an account and book in to reserve your Reformer.