Our Equipment

We researched and experimented with most of the reformers available on the commercial market.   We spoke to clients to find out what they liked and didn’t like, attended expos, took classes at multiple studios and concluded that we would not cut corners when it came to investment in our equipment.

Our priority is to deliver the most enjoyable experience to our clients, so we’ve invested in the smoothest, most comfortable and quietest reformer on the market.    Note only is the Balanced Body Allegro 2 aesthetically beautiful, it is smooth, functional, sleek and comfortable.  In our opinion it delivers the most enjoyable reformer experience

If you are new to reformer Pilates, you are in for an absolute treat.  If the reformer is not totally new to you, you be delighted by the quality and comfort that The Allegro 2 delivers.  I am confident that you will enjoy an enhanced experience and want to keep coming back for more..